An introduction to energy efficient electric heating

With ever rising fuel costs in the UK, specifying an energy efficient electric heating system for your property requires a practical and considered approach and requires more thought than simply fitting a few radiators.

The level of heating in your home or work environment must not only deliver the right amount of warmth for your own comfort, but also be efficiently delivered and most importantly affordable for you to run.

From a single radiator to a fully programmable system we have a solution just for you.

Today's modern electric radiators achieve fast heat up times which means there is little or no wasted energy.

Each and every radiator can be programmed by time and temperature allowing you to tailor your system to fit your individual needs, one radiator could be programmed to heat up to 21°c whilst another could be set at 16°c the choice is entirely yours.

Check out the advantages

A Great replacement for Night Storage Heaters

Convenient, Controllable, Practical and Stylish.

Keeps your ongoing costs down

100% energy to heat conversion
No servicing or ongoing maintenance costs

Affordable installation costs

Costs a lot less than a gas or oil installation.

FREE Energy Monitor with every installation

State of the art energy monitor helps you keep an eye on your electricity consumption within the home.

What Happens Next ?

Prior to any installation a bespoke survey of your property must be carried out so that we are able to calculate the correct size and number of electric radiators required to heat each of your rooms effectively & efficiently on the coldest of days, this information is then used to calculate and establish the most suitable and energy efficient way of heating your home.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about us and our Energy Efficient Electric Heating solutions

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