At last… a quality alternative to storage heaters

Manufactured from high quality cast aluminium these electric radiators combine good looks with top performance. Designed for situations where different environments are required at different times of the day – warm when you are at home and cooler when you are not.

They are ideal for everyday modern living in rooms such as hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, conservatories, lofts, extensions and also for replacing those outdated night storage heaters.

Filled with synthetic fluid with high dynamic properties these electric radiators deliver fast heat up times with a uniform output throughout their surface.

Digitally Controlled Electric Radiators

This system is an excellent alternative for replacing outdated night storage heaters, not only because of the fantastic control but the existing wiring can be utilised reducing the disruption to a minimum all digitally controlled electric radiators include an accurate digital thermostat to regulate the temperature.

They are manually operated by push buttons and thermostatically regulated from 7 to 30 degrees centigrade, offering a simple-to-use and economic solution for comfort heating for your home.

Digitally Controlled Electric Radiators with Full 24/7 Programming

As above this system is an excellent alternative to outdated night storage heaters, not only because of the fantastic control but the existing wiring can be utilised reducing the disruption to a minimum each electric radiator has a digital programmable thermostat to control room temperature and operating times.

They can be manually controlled or fully programmable giving seven days a week/24 hours per day control with four options covering

Comfort – for when your room is occupied. You can set your required temperature on each radiator so your living room can be warmer than your bedroom – ensuring maximum comfort and lower running costs.

Economy – to reduce the temperature a few degrees when your room is not occupied. This temperature can be set on each radiator, again saving money.

Frost Protection – this mode automatically sets the temperature to 7°C giving you peace of mind should you leave your home unoccupied

Off – the final mode allows you to switch of your heating

Digitally Controlled Smart Electric Radiators with Full 24/7 Programming

This latest digital control technology means these smart electric radiators are not only efficient, but also easy to programme and adjust from anywhere in the world Yes anywhere using the FREE Smart Command APP.

24hr / 7day programming gives you control of the comfort, economy and frost protection settings. In addition the Avant DGi sends energy consumption and temperature data back to the Smart Command APP so you can monitor your energy usage

Smart Command App

The Smart-Command Heating Control Pack is the latest APP controlled electric heating programmer, allowing you to take control of your electric heating system from your smart phone, tablet or PC.

You can link up to 30 radiators making this system ideal for offices and hotels as well as holiday homes and residential properties.

The APP also includes a handy weather forecast showing details of where the Smart-Command gateway is registered so even if you are travelling elsewhere in the country you can make sure you are warm and comfortable when you return.

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