Free of Charge with Every Installation

We will provide you with a FREE state-of-the-art energy monitor as part of a home heating installation.

This allows you to monitor your electricity consumption and see your savings when you only heat rooms in use, turn off lights and switch off appliances rather than using standby.

Monitor your energy at home

The OWL micro+ is the latest generation of home energy monitor.

Easy to use, the wireless micro+ is battery powered so it can be easily used anywhere in the home.

It will measure your electricity consumption and show you usage in power, cost and carbon.

Monitor your energy remotely

Are you a landlord?
Are you responsible for an elderly relative?
Do you own or are you responsible another property, such as a holiday home, pub, café or shop?

If the answer is yes, we can help you monitor electricity consumption with Intuition-e energy.

The Intuition-e energy monitor provides real-time access to consumption on your smart phone, tablet or PC.
It is part of an expanding family of smart, cloud-based energy monitoring and control solutions.

They are suitable for domestic and light commercial properties, with three-phase monitoring also available.

Please contact us for more information regarding the FREE Energy Monitor and our other electric heating services

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