Heat where you want it, when you want it

Take control of your smart electric radiators remotely and start saving money with the latest Smart-Command gateway.

The gateway plugs into your internet router and communicates with high quality digital electric radiators.

The FREE, ‘easy to use’ App can be run on your smartphone, tablet or PC, which means programming your electric radiators takes just a few minutes.

The intuitive system also provides you with a wealth of information, such as energy usage and room temperatures.

Smart Electric Radiators

For the latest technology incorporated in a high quality digital electric radiator, look no further!

These smart electric radiators have been tried and tested in Europe and will provide you with cost effective heating throughout your home.

The high precision digital controller is accurate to 0.2°c and is compatible with the Smart Command App allowing you to set programmes, adjust temperatures and monitor energy use remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

FREE Smart-Command App

The FREE Smart-Command App is packed full of great features and is so simple to use.

Programme individual radiators or group them together to produce heating zones, all at the touch of a button. Comfort, economy and frost protection temperatures can be set to your exact requirements providing you with total control.

Unlike many systems on the market the Smart-Command App receives information from the electric radiators, including energy usage and room temperatures.

From the moment the Smart-Command Gateway is connected and registered this information is stored ready to show you an accurate, historical record of your heating usage.

Smart-Command Gateway

The Smart-Command Gateway connects to your internet router and transfers information to and from the Smart-Command App. Unlike many other systems that rely on Wi-Fi, the Smart-Command Gateway uses a powerful radio signal, which is more reliable and travels further – no annoying Wi-Fi ‘drop outs’ or ‘out of range’ devices.

Up to 30 radiators can be linked to each gateway and each radiator incorporates a signal repeater, which makes the system ideal for larger homes and commercial applications such as B&B's, Hotels and Offices.

Gateway registration and set up can be completed in a matter of minutes – just enter some basic information and away you go.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about Smart Electric Radiators & the Smart Command App

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