Introducing energy efficient electric heating

Fuel costs continue to rise in the UK. Choosing an energy efficient electric heating system that delivers the right level of warmth and comfort – while also being affordable – can be complicated.

We create your perfect solution

Today’s electric radiators deliver maximum heat quickly using the smallest amounts of energy for efficiency and affordability.

Furthermore, programmable radiators give you a bespoke heating solution. You can set a radiator by time or temperature to fit your exact needs.

Programme one radiator to 21°C and another to 16°C, the choice is yours.

We can provide one radiator or a fully programmable solution to suit your exact requirements.

Check out the advantages

A Great replacement for Night Storage Heaters

Convenient, controllable, practical and stylish

Keeps your ongoing costs down

100% energy to heat conversion
No servicing or ongoing maintenance costs

Affordable installation costs

Costs a lot less than a gas or oil installation.

What happens next ?

First of all, we will carry out a full and thorough survey of your property. We will calculate the correct size and number of electric radiators required to heat your rooms effectively and efficiently, even on the coldest day.

With this information, we will create a bespoke solution to best heat your home.

If you live in any of the villages or towns in the East Sussex districts including Eastbourne, Hastings, Battle, Bexhill Hailsham or Heathfield. Please feel free to contact us for further information about us and our Energy Efficient Electric Heating solutions

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