There are many areas in East Sussex that still do not have gas Therefore, electric heating can be the ideal solution. Cost Effective Heating are highly qualified electric heating installers in Heathfield and throughout all areas of East Sussex. We work hard to give all our customers consistent heating throughout their home or office area.

Electric heating technology has advanced incredibly over the last decade, delivering maximum heat, using the smallest amounts of energy for efficiency and affordability.

The electric radiators we install at Cost Effective Heating are also programmable to give you a bespoke system. You can therefore set each radiator in your home to an exact timing and temperature.

Where can your electric heating be installed?

Having an electric heating system in your home is a great replacement for night storage heaters. They look incredibly stylish, as well as having no servicing or ongoing maintenance costs, unlike gas central heating. Our range of electric radiators and towel rails can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, living & dining rooms, kitchens, conservatories, extensions, lofts, shops, offices and more. They are a neat solution for providing additional heating in the home where adding to a plumbed in system is not a viable option.

Cost Effective Heating are one of the top electric heating installers in Heathfield and all the surrounding areas of East Sussex. Having worked in this area for many years, we really know our stuff and can advise you of the best way to heat your home.

Electric radiators are ideal when there is no gas in the area. This can include areas such as Park homes. You may have had an extension, either a conservatory or a loft or garage extension. Electric will be an ideal solution to your heating problems, as you won’t need to extend gas within your home. Many customers also choose to install electric heating into summer houses and workshops. It is easy to install, economical to run as well as looking great!

Electric Heating Installers in Hailsham


What are the electric heating options?

With electric heating, you have the same options as with gas central heating. Either electric radiators or electric towel rails. Plus we also offer designer radiators if you want something a little different. There is also the option, as with gas, to have Smart radiators. They can be switched on and off through your smart phone, giving you more versatility as well as money saving benefits.

Guarantee for our electric heating systems


The radiators are guaranteed by the manufacture for the following periods

  • 10 years against leaks / faulty housings
  • 2 years for all electrical components
  • 1 year on all fittings

In the unlikely event of a problem simply contact us and we will do the rest.


In addition to the above there is also a 6 Year guarantee on all electrical work which is carried out by our sister company Juice Electrical Services

We will also provide you with a cutting-edge energy monitor absolutely FREE of charge. This is part of our home heating installation. This will help you view your electricity consumption and keep an eye on your day-to-day energy costs.

Electric Heating Installers in Hailsham


Electric Heating Installers in Heathfield

Please get in touch if you are looking at electric heating installers in Heathfield. We work throughout East Sussex creating new electric heating systems for customers right across the county. Either phone us on 01323 760303, email us or fill in our contact form below and someone will be in touch.