Running costs

So much is said about electric heating running costs and so much is misleading marketing nonsense. All electric radiators are 100% efficient, just ask a physics teacher. If you put 1kW of electricity into a heater you will get 1kW of heat out.

Reducing running costs is achieved by taking control of temperature, efficient delivery of the heat into the room and accurate programming.

So how efficient are electric radiators ?

Our electric radiators use the latest digital systems to control temperature and are accurate to 0.2°C. Each radiator has its own thermostat. Therefore, each room of your house can be set to your required temperature.

They are filled with a special heat transfer fluid that helps the aluminium body of the radiator heat up quickly and evenly.

Additionally, the radiator body has a system of internal fins that maximise the surface area. This increases natural convection and the radiant effect of the heater. As a result, it’s the most efficient way to heat to your home.

Smart electric radiators – Take control

The Avant DGi is the most modern smart electric radiator on the market. It allows you to control temperatures and heating times in each room of your house, from anywhere in the world!

Cheap ‘dry inertia’ heaters are said to be more efficient because they heat up quickly. However, this means they also cool down quicker. This leads to fluctuating room temperature, increased running costs and reduced comfort levels.

Are you on the right electricity tariff ?

It is essential that you pick the right electricity tariff for your lifestyle. It could help you make substantial savings on your energy bills.

For example, a professional person working all day and returning home early evening may benefit from Economy 10 or 20/20 (where available). However, a person who is at home all day would be advised to look at a standard rate tariff.

All of our electric radiators and towel rails are suitable to use on either Economy 7, 10, 20/20 or a standard rate electricity tariff.

We will provide you with a cutting-edge energy monitor absolutely FREE of charge as part of a home heating installation. This will help you view your electricity consumption and keep an eye on your day-to-day energy costs.

How do the energy suppliers stack up ?

Why not take a look at your current energy supplier to find out more about the range of tariffs they have to offer, you may even be better off looking at another supplier who offers a cheaper tariff than the one you are on.

Click on the image to visit the consumer site Which? to compare energy supplier tariffs. Your current supplier may have a more suitable tariff or you may find another supplier with a cheaper offer.

The Which? Switch survey rates 22 UK gas and electricity suppliers through the biggest publicly available survey of its kind.

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