Electric Heating Solutions for Landlords

With building regulations and maintenance requirements getting more complicated, we offer heating solutions that benefit the landlord and the tenant.

All our electric heating solutions comply with Building Regulations Part L, which cover conservation and power usage in the home.

Additionally, all our radiators are electric so there are no gas safety checks or annual maintenance contracts to worry about. There are no pumps, boilers or gas, therefore no potentially dangerous fumes.

Moreover, the heating can be left on at low temperature if the property is unoccupied. This helps to protect the fabric of the building and any furnishings. Also, there is a frost protection setting that will switch on the radiators automatically if there is a risk of freezing temperatures.

Our systems are economical and virtually silent, allowing your tenants to enjoy a warm, quiet environment that is cost-efficient.

Electric Heating Solutions for Property Developers

Competition is high in the property market. As a result, building companies and developers are always looking for the latest ways to make their development more appealing to buyers while keeping costs low.

Electric radiators only require a radial circuit from the fuse board to each radiator. Consequently, the installation is cheaper as there is no need for pipes like that in a wet central heating system. Also, it means there are no boilers, pipes or running water that could result in leaks and ongoing maintenance costs.

Each radiator can be set with individual on/off times and temperatures, which is an advantage over gas or oil-fired systems. Therefore, every room can be adjusted separately. Economical to run and inexpensive to install, electric radiators are the perfect solution for property conversions and new build properties.

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