squash court heating solution

The Challenge

We were approached by a Squash Club in Buckinghamshire to upgrade its inefficient electric heating system.

The current system consisted of six 3kW quartz halogen heaters per court. The total load for the two courts was a whopping 36.0kW!

The club wanted something more energy efficient and stylish that didn’t give off any light as the orange glare from the quartz heaters was distracting for squash players.

The new heaters must integrate into the club’s online booking system so they automatically turn on before a booked session.

squash court heating design

The Solution

Following a survey, we proposed 3 x 2.4kW longwave radiant heaters per court, which can be controlled via a wireless thermostat.

Additionally, the room thermostat will keep each court from exceeding a pre-set temperature. So, members can enjoy a comfortable game of squash while keeping costs low.

Radiant cassette heaters are ideal for use in squash courts as they can be mounted out the way and give off no noise or light. The heaters have a very smart, clean, compact design to fade into the décor.

Old Quartz Heaters Court 1
New Radiant Heaters Court 1
Old Quartz Heaters Court 2
New Radiant Heaters Court 2

The Result

The project was an enormous success! Because of the new heaters, we immediately reduced the overall load from 36.0kW to 14.0kW, halving the energy used for each court.

We integrated the heaters into the building’s control system, reduced energy usage and saved the club money.

The committee’s response

The committee were delighted with the final outcome:

“Thanks very much for completing the work on the court heating in such an efficient manner. The committee were impressed with the appearance of the new heaters and very pleased with the condition you left the courts in.”

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